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Beginner's Guide to Reloading for CAS

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Good stuff here, but I don't consider it complete without a summary of how and why race shooters actually load. From what I have learned, minimizing recoil to enable fast follow up shots is a common goal. I am using the context only of smokeless and generally those who want the best times they can manage. There is also a general practice of using the same ammo in pistols and rifles, but it is common for the rifles to get 357 cases rather than 38s to ensure best reliability in feeding. There is also the factor of bullet shape, which again relates to what feeds most reliably in a rifle pushed to near its mechanical limit. Truncated cone, flat point is the natural for this application.

Many using only 38s seat the bullet to 357 Magnum COL, ahead of the crimp groove and then requiring a taper crimp.

The lightest weight bullet in common use, minimizing recoil but needing to be limited in velocity, is the 105 gr .358. Bullets might be heavier in a rifle of the same caliber.

The most popular powders will be hard to find or sporadic in supply. You either hoard or substitute.

Black powder volume smokeless, intended for cartridges that evolved from black powder, e.g. Trailboss, are expensive or scarce, so shooters tend to avoid them. Clays seems to be de rigueur.

Since the pistols are customized for fastest, easiest action, the springs are often not strong enough to reliably detonate some primers, so the favored primer is Federal, considered softer than others.

The shotgun loads need to be selected for low pressure, since there is little variation in velocity among the lower end loads. The popular purchased shell is Winchester AA HS, which actually is relatively low in both pressure and velocity.

Those are the basics. I might revisit this but have to break to be taken to lunch.

I only have three pieces of advise for people new to reloading.

1, Get  a good reloading manual such as Sierra, Hornady, or Speer. The Lee book is good if you use Lee equipment otherwise not so much help. If you use Lee equipment it is a gold mine of information.

2 Read the book carefully, and thoroughly as if your life depended on it...because it does. You are dealing with explosives.

3. Loading data given to you by your pal Joe Lunchbucket should be always be checked by looking it up as per line 2 unless ,of course, Joe has a complete ballistics lab with pressure gun etc.

Shooting Black Powder (AKA the original Gun Powder or Holy Black) is a whole different ball game. If you want to try it look for a shooter wreathed in smoke who smells sort of like sulfur. They will be glad to guide you toward the dark side.
Yr' Obt' Svt'


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