Why I like NCOWS

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--- Quote from: Dr. Bob on November 02, 2005, 02:26:24 AM ---I like NCOWS because it encomapsses a wide range of activities and interests. I enjoy combining historical research and developing a "persona" to go with my alais and CAS shooting.

I appreciate all the help, so readily offered by members in getting started in CAS.  My hat is off the fine members of NCOWS who are always willing to share their knowledge with the new guy or gal.  Thanks for making mine a great experience.

--- End quote ---

Dr. Bob already said most all that I would have written. So, I just quote some of what he wrote.


Will Ketchum:
The aspect of NCOWS I enjoy the most is the opportunity to experience in a small way what our 19th Century forefathers did and to do it with like minded people.

Also,as already stated it is a membership ran organization so every members input is important.

Will Ketchum

Quick Fire:
I too like the history aspect of NCOWS. but I also enjoy the laid back atmosphere. Most NCOWS shooters place the competion second to the comraderie and to the history aspect.


Guage Rod:
What Do I Like about NCOWS?," Let me count the ways".

I like the Folks who are so willing to help with ammo, loan you a gun, help with repairs, or Malfunctions, who, want to know more about you than just the caliber of you gun.

It is a safe Hobby, where like minded people come to share in a common sport and to meet nice folks. 

I have been to a SASS shoot and there seems to be a large competive emphassis, and this can detract from the fun and friendly atmoshpher.  This is not to say there are not nice folks shooting in other CAS organizations, there are great folks everywhere, and I have helped and been helped by folks everywhere I shoot.   

I like NCOWS cause the clubs have kind of let us develop our own style of shooting, and will embrace most any one who wants to spin their wheel gun at the Range.  Some of the Larger meets are a little more structured and that is to be expected.  I just hope and pray that we can all be at a place where we chose safety and having fun over all else. 

I Think that NCOWS will appeal to folks because of the folks that they shoot with and who are willing to share their knowledge about the sport with out fear of giving up an advantage. 

After all most of Us are Going to shoot about as good as the time we are willing to commit to practice and I already know that I practice and shoot at least 20% misses so that I can not be confussed with a "G'er" oops!, I almost said the G word.

Vaya Con Dios 

Why do I like NCOWS?
  Well first it would be the folks that attend NCOWS shoots are some of the greatest friends there are. They not only help out with loaning you guns when something goes wrong with yours but they take and interest in your family also.
  Second, where else can I step back in time and love the clothing and history part of a sport.
  Third, we see families do this sport. What is a better feeling than to see a daughter or son shooting and at times winning. It is neat to watch the parent taking a certain amount of pride in their child's accomplishment.
  I like the diversity of targets, large and close and small and far away. But for those that aren't all to interested in Cowboy shooting there are buffalo hunts, long range, silhouette(sp)  shoots and these are great fun also.
  Campfires, period correct camps, folks that really care about what really did take place back in the 1800's, hearing period correct instruments being played, listening to guys talk about what is correct for uniforms(GAF). I love it.
  I had the privelege of listening to U.S. Scout and others talk about history this past weekend and felt like I was doing research. What a knowledge these guys have. Thank you for letting me listen.


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