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Texas Lawdog:
Dusty, What part of the Great State of Texas are you located? I never met my maternal Grandfather, he died before my mother was born. He was a working cowboy on some of the ranches of the Texas Panhandle. I worked as a cowboy on a ranch in the Panhandle during the summers of HS. I attended a "cowboy" school in the Oklahoma Panhandle and worked at some of the large feedlots in the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle After college, I pursued a career in Law Enforcement for 40 years in Texas. My father was the Sheriff of the town I grew up in till be passed away. I have been fortunate to have known many Hollywood Western Actors and I appeared in a modern western movie in HS. The western lifestyle has been a big part of my life and when I discovered NCOWS, I knew that this is where I belong.

dusty texian:
A big ole Howdy there, Texas Lawdog . I was born in S/E Texas most of my folk are from the Anderson,Navasota area. While growin up Dad had a place out in Blanco Co. near Round Mountain from the early 70s on up to about 2000. I have a place out in Brewster Co. N/E Co. near Marathon just east of the Tinaja Mountains ,and 3.5 mi. North of the Rio Grande . And I lease a place up near Robert Lee,Coke Co. up on the divide .I just got me a place back in the Hill Country betwean Llano and Mason just north of the Llano river ,by a few hundred yds.. Gonna plant my root's,s around there for a while .That Mason , Llano ,Fredricksburg country just feel's like home to me. But a big part of me will always be in Brewster Co. That's still the Wild West down Yonder, but If your in Law enforcement you know that. Gotta learn to sleep with one eye open down on the border. If you ever down from the Panhandle give me a holler . Always ready for a visit with my neighbor's ......Dusty.

Texas Lawdog:
Dusty, I actually live in the D/FW area now, I moved down here in 72 and never left.


Way back about 40 decades ago, I got into Buckskinning and really loved it.  I loved the historical aspect of it.  Later as I got older, I came across Cowboy Action Shooting and joined up.  I really didn't like the fact that SASS didn't seem to be that interested in trying to get historically correct but stuck with it, trying in my own way to be as historically correct as I could.  Someone mentioned NCOWS and when I researched it, I immediately became a life member.

I love history of all kinds and especially Old west History.  I wish I lived closer so I could get involved in some of the shoots and activities.  Not many NCOWS members out here in Nevada so not much activity.  I love reading the Shootist.


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