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2 day weekend in Grand Island

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Dalton Masterson:
The Flatwater Shootists of the Grand Island Rifle Club and the  Platte Valley Gunslingers are excited to bring you another cowboy action shooting weekend!!  It’s the last chance in 2009 to shoot 12 stages and 2 days for only 2 monthly match fees! 

                                      Saturday, July 18 – Flatwater Shootists

                                             Evening:  WILD BUNCH STAGES!

                                      Sunday, July 19 – Platte Valley Gunslingers

 Some Info on Wild Bunch Stages:

4 Wild Bunch Stages will be shot at the Heartland Public Shooting Park after shooting is finished at Flatwater.
Round counts:  40 Pistol (jacketed bullets in handgun are okay at HPSP Range)
40 Rifle (needs to be .40 caliber or larger – cowboy loads ONLY please)
20+ Shotgun

If you have not already seen it, there is a Wild Bunch guideline on the SASS home page under handbooks.  This will be our general guideline.  Feel free to refer to it if you have any questions.
Saturday Evening Meal:

 If you are interested in eating dinner at the Liederkranz, please see Wes Beckett,US Marshal Saturday morning (especially if you are wanting prime rib… he will have to call in a head count.)  He has graciously offered the use of his membership to any and all who would like to dine at this historic building – please remember to sign in when you arrive.

 Don’t forget:  RV and dry camping available at HPSP.  Call 308.385.5048 for reservations.

We hope to see y’all there!!

 For more information:       
Flatwater Shootists:    Wes Beckett, US Marshal at 308.226.2651
Platte Valley Gunslingers:  Firewater at 308.226.2255  or
Dalton Masterson at 308.325.3253

Wymore Wrangler:
Dalton, are you planning any type of canopy for shade?  I'm planning on attending unless it's over a hundred degrees for the weekend...

Dalton Masterson:
Wymore, we will probably have our canopys up over the water coolers. We did that for the State shoot, and it worked really good. That will be sat. night, and sunday.
As far as Flatwaters range, there isnt too much shade, except under umbrellas, and under the cover of the saloon.

Hope to see you there.
DM (ps, leave the red paint at home)


Wymore Wrangler:
I do have that Big Nebraska "N" stiickers for your guncart, car, etc. ::) ::) ::)

Dalton Masterson:
Thats the N of Knowlege, right?!!
Hope to see you there!


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