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Show us your range and props!

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Dalton Masterson:
Howdy all!
Thought it might be a fun post to show photos of your favorite range buildings, props, etc.


Dalton Masterson:
My favorite stage at our range is the Fort.
The construction of it, lends itself to believe you are actually defending the fort from marauders.
While shooting from the towers, the targets can be EXTREMELY close, and still be missed. Imagine shooting your rifle down on a target trying to climb the wall. The berms are long enough to have some challenging rifle targets, and the many shotgun targets top it all off.

Dalton Masterson:
Here is our newest building. It is our train depot. It is brand new, and hasnt been shot out of during a match. It is based on the one in a recent western movie. Know which one?


Bow View Haymaker:
We are prety minimal 'cause we can't leave anything up permanent.
Here'es a couple of shots.

Here is our "storefront" and a "haybale" (foam) and fence can just be seen on the right.

Mustang Gregg:

I have been building loads of targets & some new props during the winter. 
So I will see if I can figure out how to attach them images to a thread.  ???

Some of the new ones are pretty cool, if'n I say so meself.   8)



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