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A Few of Nebraska's Native Sons & Daughters

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River City John:
(Sorry if this is off topic. :-[  Moderator may remove if desired.)

Henry Fonda
Marlon Brando
Nick Nolte
Fred & Adele Astaire
Gerald Ford
Johnny Carson
Harold Lloyd
Mari Sandoz
Willa Cather
Max Baer
Michael Biehn
Ward Bond
William Jennings Bryan
Warren Buffet
Dick Cavett
Montgomery Clift
James Coburn
David Doyle
Gorgeous George
Hoot Gibson
Rodney A. Grant
Marg Helgenberger
L. Ron Hubbard
David Janssen
Buddy Miles
Malcolm X
Robert Taylor
Larry the Cable Guy
Paul Williams
Darryl F. Zanuck

(to be continued.)

Dalton Masterson:
If its Nebraska related, its not off topic. Let er rip!

Good info, btw!


John, you forgot Joyce Hornaday and Verdon Speer. ::)  How could you forget them?

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Wymore Wrangler:
wasn't Joel McCrae, the lead in the Musical Oklahoma from Nebraska...

Texas Lawdog:
Gordon Macrea was in Oklahoma.   Joel is the Movie Cowboy.


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