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Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
How about circulating your sources in Canada?

I've been looking for an octagon BPCR barrel source.  Green Mountain now seems to have what is needed.  I emailed them and they said I couldn't purchase direct from Canada.  Instead they gave me two contacts;
1.  Mike Magee   306 672 3556
2.  Bits of Pieces  604 946 6168

I called Barry @ bits of pieces, and now we have an order in for a #3.5 octagon barrel in .45-70 for my Argie roller.  He is in Delta BC.  Has anyone dealt with him?

I received an order of Ballistic Products stuff from Wil Bilozir in Alberta.  I`ll be dealing with him again. 

Nine Toe Jim:
Ok Sir Charles,

I've had great dealings with Wayne Wesser of Old Western Arms in Winnipeg.

And I bought a number of firearms from Shooter's Choice in Ontario - Again good service 

Gary Howe's Gunsmithing also works out of Shooter's Choice and he has given me excellent service.

Grey Beard:
And I've purchased several itiems from Doc Rowland at ranging from firearms to leather goods, grips, springs and brass.  He has been great to deal with. 


Haggis MacGurk:
I can vouch for some of the afore-mentioned vendors. Mr. Wayne Wesser in Winnipeg is great to deal with, especially when I was looking for a second Beretta Stampede in 44-40. I have dealt with Mike Magee as well. He specializes in Remington Rolling Blocks, and my 50-90 has a Green Mountain Barrel on it. He would be worth calling, as I believe he had a couple barrels for sale at the last gun show in Edmonton.

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
A while back, I was asked about gunsmiths in Canada prepared to work on Single Actions for frontier action shooting.  Then I drew a blank.  Most gunsmiths in Canada have enough work dealing with local hunters, and clay target shooters.  There are exceptions, but mostly working on IPSC guns, & such. 

I knew that M.D. Charlton, worked on S&W firearms, and in fact he is Canada's warantee station for S&W.  I had a 1937 Brazilian contract long actioned .45 acp revolver worked on by Murray.  He did a good job, after locating parts that haven't been made for half a Century.

I spoke to Murray today.  He is prepared to work on cowboy revolvers. He already receives guns from all across Canada for work.

He told me Colts & clones of Colts are no problem.  Some Ruger parts, like free-spin pawls, are hard to get, but he is willing to discuss any Pards needs.

Give him a call at  250-652-5266,  Ask for Murray


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