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Frontier Action Shooting in Ontario

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A "stickied" thread for Ontario club contacts, upcoming events, and such .....

Forty Rod:
There isn't anyplace to shoot right in Ontario anymore...............!

Oh, THAT Ontario!

Sorry.  Sometimes I forget.  ;D

Forty Rod
Ontario, California, USA

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
SOO! 40rod;  I guess you'll have to find yourself one a dem ONTARIO knives, and make amens


Forty Rod:
I already have an 7 piece set of Old Hickory kitchen knives (plus a sharpening steel) that we've owned for over 40 years, and about five years ago I bought a 22" machete made by Ontario Knife.  They (I think it was Ontario) used to sell an array of really nice Bowie knives, but I haven't seen them in a few years.  I couldn't afford one when I saw them.

BTW, I was born in Ontario, too...the one in Oregon.   ;D

Jabez Cowboy:
Howdy ;

Forty Rod  8) good to see you made it over da hump ta 08 ...

Jabez Cowboy


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