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A "stickied" thread for Atlantic region club contacts, upcoming events, and such .....

Charlie Bowdre:
List of CAS Events in our neck of the woods .  As most of the CAS Events are held at Black Powder ranges and not in one specific site or range it will be easier to contact myself for further information . I can then supply contacts and numbers if required .
Any pards traveling this a way on vacation or otherwise and I can be of assistance please drop me a line via email


March 15
2nd Annual 'Mini Quigley'  Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Shoot
Truro  Nova Scotia

May 19
NSCAS Annual Cowboy Action Shoot
NSMLR Range Truro NS   
Truro , Nova Scotia

June 7-8th
1st Annual Tri Club EOT Black Powder Cartridge  Rifle Shoot
NSMLA Range  Truro Nova Scotia

June 15
Cannan Cowboys Shootout
Annapolis Valley Sport Shooting Club
Cannan Nova Scotia

September 13
Atlantic Marksman Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Shoot
Devon Range
Halifax Regional Municipality  Nova Scotia

Charlie Bowdre:
After Action Report

May 19
NSCAS Annual Cowboy Action Shoot
NSMLR Range Truro NS   
Truro , Nova Scotia

just a little note to let you know the CAS is small but still moving ahead here in Nova Scotia.
On the holiday Monday 12 brave souls faced a pouring downfall of good old acid rain to take in the above shoot

I mean RAIN ...all day ...never stopped..till about 15 minutes after the last stage!.
We had quite a cross section of shooters from all over the province and one down from New Brunswick. For myself it was the first official shoot I had taken part in . I have to say it was great fun , strong on safety and long on good times.

Ed "Wounded Belly" Simms really outdid himself in hosting the event . The amount of work put in the the day was very much appreciated
Shooters in 2 posses went through 5 well planned and scripted stages . Ed sure can spin a tale!

A great meal at noon and lots more shooting till late afternoon.

It is hoped by all that the event will continue. Although small in comparison to what some of you are use to , it was a great time and did much to promote CAS.

We had 2 new shooters in the posse and another 'watcher' who stood in the rain for several hours just to see how things went :o
. I'm sure we will see him back!! ;D

Anyhow just wanted to fill you in on the day .

Take care , soldier on.



Buffalo Creek Law Dog:
Hi Dutchy

Good to hear that CAS is catching on down there in the Merry Times  :D

Can you now buy cowboy clothing down there?  When I was stationed at CFB Cornwallis back in the early 70's you couldn't buy cowboy boots ,hats or any cowboy clothing anywhere in Nova Scotia that I could find.  Had to wait until I returned to Alberta on Leave to buy replacement cowboy boots.

When out of uniform, I always wore cowboy boots.

Keep up the good work in promoting CAS down there.


Charlie Bowdre:
Law Dog,
Theer is a big Western Horse Group throughout the Atlantic Provinces . I know of at least 6 tack shops in my general area. Some of them carry a good quality supply of basics , shirts , hats and boots.

As for period reproduction clothing it is a little harder to find.

 Do most of my shopping at the Salvation Army stores or our provincial rag shops called Frenchy's .  Can pick up some great deals . Got a full length Australian Outback slicker in new condition for $5.65 .

I am slowly putting together my duds , hard to get a good hat so I hope to get to Calgary this fall and while there will look around.

 buddy just got posted to the detachment in Brooks so between he nd my two sons ( both in Calgary ) I hope to do some looking around and LOTS of shopping.


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