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Whoop-up Roy:
Further to my other two posts I have though it best that I post the article that I received my information from regarding the course that may or may not have to be taken to shoot at some clubs. I say may not have to be taken because on re-reading the article it does state "we could achieve this goal" (goal being a higher safey level)I may have miss interruped the article. However it does sound to me that the course is required.  Confused ???

The Article is as follows:

Over the years our shooting discipline has improved to the point, we appreciate the safety it offers us as members and competitors. This by no means has come about by accident.The dedication of numerous people in Canada and the United States has given us the safety guidelines we use in our competitions and in our range operations. With these guidelines at our disposal, we now need to take safety to a higher level in Cowboy Action Shooting. After a lengthy discussion with other associated clubs in Western Canada, we could achieve this goal by having all members of our clubs take the Range Safety Operations (ROI) course as a mandatory requirement for competing at our range. This course should not be mistaken for a Range Safety Officers Course. The basics of this course will cover the rules and regulations for competing in Cowboy Action Shooting. It also covers the guidelines for the safe and smooth operation of a posse. Information is provided on what each posse member is responsible for, whether you are looking after the loading table or you are scoring for your fellow competitor on the shooting line. This course will show you how a knowledgeable posse should operate and the importance of each function within the posse. Having to compete within a posse, where everyone knows what to do and how to do it properly, lends itself to a situation where shooting becomes a pleasure and not a chore.
New members are in need of guidance and assistance while they learn what is required of them as a posse member. 9 times out of 10, they will approach an existing member for information and 10 out of 10 times, we as members, will offer our knowledge on what they require. Using the same guidelines from the ROI course, this new member will receive the correct information no matter which member he/she talks to. If you look into our 2008 schedule, the AFS will be offering two ROI courses this year. I do know, we have many members who already have the ROI and the ROII courses but if it has been a very long time since you have taken it, might be an idea to use one of these two ROI courses as a refresher. Some of the rules have changed over the years, improvements have been made
in the guidelines, and in general things change. Keeping up to date, gives you the confidence needed to compete in complete SAFM.


Buffalo Creek Law Dog:
I'm an AFS member and I haven't heard anything regarding the RO course being mandatory for any of our shoots.

Just as an aside, I just came back from Rocky (hammering and sawing on the "new" cowboy town) and it looks good.  Those that will be coming out for the Canadians in August will be impressed.

Haven't figured out how to post photos yet but, if you send me your email addy I will forward a couple of photos of our new main street (still under construction of course).


Sir Charles deMouton-Black:

I had the same problem.  Do sign up for "photobucket' and all will work fine.


Whoop-up Roy:

I first heard about the possible new rule from another member, who had heard it from someone else. When I first read the article I agreed that the shoot was out for me until such time that I could take the course.  When I re-read the article later I though maybe I had misinterpreted the article, but I am not sure that I did.

On page 4 of the last Telegraph, Winter 2008, in the article Range Safety Operations Course there is a sentence that reads and I quote  "After a lengthy discussion with other associated clubs in Western Canada, we could achieve this goal by having all members of our clubs take the Range Safety Operations (ROI) course as a mandatory requirement for competing at our range"  Unquote. 

If the course is a requirement to shoot at RMH it makes it very hard for those of us who are to far away to take the course.  I was hoping someone could clear this up for me and for other non AFS members who could possibly avoid a long unnecessary trip and expense. 

Buffalo Creek Law Dog:
Roy, why not contact Bernie Engel through the AFS website for clarification.  I read it as just in the talking stage at this point.

If they make it mandatory there will have to be a long lead in time.  Assuming it comes about, I can see something like by March 01, 2013 everyone involved with CAS shall be qualified RO1 to compete in CAS matches.

Regardless, I will ask Bernie about this on Friday which is when we have our next work party.

As for photos of the new town, I`m still fiddling with photobucket. :D


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