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A "stickied" thread for Alberta club contacts, upcoming events, and such .....

Buffalo Creek Law Dog:
Just received the 2008 schedule for the Alberta Frontier Shootists, now located at Rocky mountain House.

MATCH DATES............Start Time 9:30 am

April 19               Spring Fracas

May 10               Saddle Up

June 21              Leather Slapper

July 19                Provincial Championship

August 1 - 4        Canadian Championship

September 13     Fall Roundup / Annual General Meeting

October 18         Last Chance

November 15      Winter Range


May 10              RO1

July 19              RO1

August (TBA)    RO11

Directions to the range - West through Rocky on Hwy 11 to the Crimson Lake turnoff.  Left for about 1 1/2 miles, range is on the right hand side.  Dry camping available on site.

I'll post Calgary's dates when they become available.

Buffalo Creek Law Dog:
Herre are the Calgary Cowboy Shoot Dates:

Sunday April 06 @ 10am

Sunday May 04  @ 10am

Sunday June 15 @ 10am

Sunday July 13   @ 10am

Sunday Aug 24   @ 10am

Sunday Sept 21  @ 10am



Whoop-up Roy:
AFS and associated clubs (? other clubs were not named) in Western Canada are requiriing that all members taken a ROI course.  For those not aware in order shoot at RMH and associated clubs (?) you must take a Range Safety Operations Course (ROI). Not to be confused with the RO (Range Officers Course)  I'm not sure which other clubs are associated with AFS.  However, AFS has made it almost if not impossilbe for us in Manitoba to shoot at the Canadians this year with the new course that must be taken. The course is offered in May and in the middle of Jul. That would be a 2000 Km return trip at the least in order to qualify for the shoot. Then another 2000 at the begining of Aug to the shoot. As I was planning on making the trip to Medicine Hat in May (approx 1600 Km return trip) for the Shootout At Catus Flats, I am curious if the same rules apply in Medicine Hat.  :o

Whoop-up Roy:
P.S to my previous posting I have no qualms about taking the course but for us in Flin Flon the course are few and a long ways away from home!


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