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Gunsmithing / Bisley grips
« Last post by Dave Fox on Today at 01:48:17 PM »
Best source for stock Bisley Colt grips?
1911 & Wild Bunch Shooting / Recommendations for a better 1911
« Last post by Doc Holloman on Today at 01:42:29 PM »
OK, I know this is a perineal question but here goes again:

I’m considering treating myself to a higher quality 1911 than what I have been shooting (Springfield Garrison) and am looking for recommendations.  This was actually triggered by a Facebook post by Capt George Baylor, extoling the virtues of the Standard Manufacturing pistol that he has been testing.  Looks like a good gun and will certainly be worth considering.  But, I want to know what my other options might be.

Criteria:  Wild Bunch MODERN legal.  Price limit $2000.  Series 70-type mechanicals. Minimum work to be done out of the box (I would be willing to change out a front sight to make it WB legal.) Fixed high vis sights.  Single stack. 

Must be readily available ( I have been waiting a year for a gun now and don’t want to do that again. )  Would prefer a new gun.
I have no real manufacturer preference.  That being said, I have had bad experiences with Kimber and Desert Eagle.
Update on Rita, tumor is about the size of a fist, but has not spread beyond.  She will start immune treatment Tuesday and have another one in 3 week again, then 2 weeks after the second she will have another MRI with contrast.  If there is no improvement then they are fairly sure the standard Chemo and radiation will do it, if improved they will continue that immune treatment with the lesser side affects.
I ended up putting some "Mentado" hammers on my Vaqueros a while back. After 30 years of throwing steel around, my hands are pretty beat up. Age does a job on our bodies. Same reason I have gone from shooting "Duelist" to two handed, and now I have to be going to a Crossdraw rig. My right shoulder has been repaired, and my left needs to be replaced. If I want to keep shooting I have to "Improvise and adapt" to persavere.........

BROW / Re: Some thoughts on a new sport
« Last post by Mogorilla on Today at 10:28:19 AM »
Just found this old thread.    Drydock is correct, this is a close description to the KVC Buffalo Shoot, where Drydock distinguished himself.    We are planning it again for October.   Keep an eye on NCOWS board for announcements the closer we get.   

Here is the camp.
Good morning folks. 47 here and wet, supposed to hit 75 today. Doc appointment this afternoon, might need to go by the store and see if they need me to help close. Cardinals lost their home opener yesterday in a WILD game. Hope you all have a great day.
STORM / Re: Turned down hammers on Open Tops-Like to see pics, how to
« Last post by 45 Dragoon on Today at 09:56:29 AM »
I too .  .  .  was gonna leave this un alone  till now  .  .  .
Gotta agree with thuther Mike about "bent hammers"  ( just personal). OK, now I'm done.    ;D

The Barracks / Re: Department of the Atlantic Muster
« Last post by Snake Oil on Today at 09:41:15 AM »
Is there anyone wanting or planning to come to the Department of the Atlantic muster that hasn't sent a form in yet?
I've been getting recorded phone calls about a fictional Amazon package, wanting me to respond if I DID NOT order it. I wander how the scam would work if I did respond?

I got that one a while back on my work phone. I figured I would play along, pressed 1 to talk to a representative. Ended up asking the guy why Amazon would be calling me from a Verizon cell phone out of Los Molinos, CA, and they didn’t take that too kindly. Horrible customer service after that  ::)

I keep getting one from an Indian guy claiming to be Medicaid claiming I’m 6 months behind on my premium payments. I am not, nor have I ever been, on Medicaid, and once again the call is coming from a Verizon cell number from Colfax, CA. Have to admire the tenacity I suppose.

Current weather in the Golden State is 31 and clear with a forecast high of 55 and rain later on. Mrs TK is going to the city today for another job interview, followed by some horse accoutrement shopping (new bit since the old one is too small now). I may get roped into that, but we’ll see.

Did a “PT hike” yesterday with my soon-to-be boss at the Forest Service. I think he was trying to get a reaction both with intensity and the remoteness of the destination. The joke ended up being on him though, since it’s a hike I used to do with the dog once a week. I showed up wearing a weight vest and toting a 357 ::) It’s a stout little hike, being 4 miles and 2500 feet of elevation gain, and I’m certainly not in the same shape I was in at 18, but I kept up with the joker.

Del, heavenly supplications from this side of The Divide.

 :)  No Horse  ;)

I was going to leave this one alone as I don't care for "bent" hammers.  Personal Opine, don't take it personal.  Just Business (stolen famous movie line).

Also, Knarley Bob and the Perfesser have you on the right track.

Butt, before you do ANYTHING to your Richards/Mason, first clean up and correctly FIT the Barrel to Arbor and refit the Wedge if necessary.

Yes, Auntie Ethel, People are Hazardous to Yer Health
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