Author Topic: ARTTENTION GAF! Department of the Atlantic Muster April 19-20, 2024 Round Count.  (Read 311 times)

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We are hoping to see several of you at the Department of the Atlantic shoot April 19-20. This year we have added  an Expansion Era skirmish run with Precision Rifle and Pistol for Friday, April 19. Then on Saturday, April 20, we will have 3 skirmish runs with Precision Rifle and Pistol. This will be followed up with a Banquet time and meal at Mis Amigos in Martinsville, IN. If you would like to preregister, check out the earlier posting by Snake Oil, Michael Fellows, on this Muster. I'm hoping he will also put those links in a reply to this post as well. That will give you all other pertinent information other than what I am giving to you here. Here is there round count for each of the Muster days:

Expansion Era Round Count:

Skirmish Run is 12 rifle and 5 pistol; Precision Rifle is 15; Precision Pistol is 10. (You will need your bayonet or knife.)

Muster Run Round Count:

Three skirmish runs with 32 rifle and 25 pistol; Precision Rifle is 15; and Precision Pistol is 10.

Being this early in the year, we hope that wearing your wool uniforms will be comfortable and not too warm. You don to have to wear dress uniform to the Banquet as it will be informal. You can were them if you want though. Looking forward to having a good attendance and we will be posting pics and maybe some video later. Have safe travels and God bless!

One in Christ,
Dewayne Liebrandt
Colonel GAF Department of the Atlantic

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A day shooting is good for what ails ya!


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