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Good choices in gunbelts and leather for the Ruger Super SIngle Six?


Any suggestions?

Also, was wondering, is there an inexpensive way to get the new model Single Sixes to have the ability to perform like the old pre=transfer bar guns -- I mean without spending a mint?


Mustang Gregg:

By perform---I reckon you mean smoother operation?

For lighter hammer & trigger pulls?  There are springs for those.  Cheap mod, there.
Ejector rods can be tapered a might on the biz end.  And them crescent knobs are supposed to fit.
Base pins need not be shortened.  Those are long , enough I recollect.  Can be polished for smooth spin.
Moving action parts & pins can be polished.
I cannot answer about a reverse spin pawl.  But I'll wager it could be done.

My brother had an NR9 that was really slick. 
But most of that came from Bulle Eye springs about a million rounds going through it.

Good luck, Patriot!


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