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SaukValley Sam:
Just getting into Cowboy Action and wanted to be able to shoot out of box.  Everything I read about Rugers was positive.  I have big hands so Vaqueros work fine for me.  Just purchased two new in 45LC, stainless with 5 1/2 barrels (last two that the gunshop had stocked up on)  Actually tried the New Vaqueros and they felt too small for my hand.  Could barely get three fingers on grip and then not solid.  No problem with Vaqueros though.

The following was already posted on the "Shooters Meeting" Topics page but I am also posting it here.  Thank you in advance.

I am new to this sport but have been around guns since I was young.  Just purchased a pre-owned Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited in 45LC to go with two Ruger Vaqueros , 5 1/2 barrels, in 45LC.  I have been researching these guns and ammo on this sites and other web areas and have a couple of questions.  I see a lot of shooters use 200 or 250 grain bullets successfully but can not find much info on 160 or 180 grain bullets.  For cowboy shooting would either of these weights work for rifle and pistols?  Also, have found a couple of sites that say Marlins may not feed brass shells as well as nickel plated.  Any feed back on this?

Any feed back on quality or experience with purchasing bulk cowboy loads  on internet companies such as Ammodirect?

Finally, have not been able to research history on specifically the Marlin Cowboy Limited (Model 1894CB - Cal 45 ColltSN 02006565).  It has stock and forearm checkering, 24" octaginal barrel, and peep site mounted on tang.  I would like to find some info like manufacture date and number manufactured.  Is the pep site original or added later?

I know this is a lot of questions but I am in no hurry for answers.  I do appreciate ya'll sharing your exoerience with me here in San Antonio.  Thank you.

Silver Creek Slim:
Welcome, pard.
I posted a reply in the "Shooters Meeting".



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