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Gold Labels have been released


Mustang Gregg:
 ;D    I was notified yesterday that there are several Gold Labels sittin' on the wholesaler's shelves a-watin' to be snatched up. 
They are way expensive, but are really nice SxS shotguns. 
There have been rumors to that they hadn't been released.  But evidently they are.

Mustang Gregg

Hedley Lamarr:
MG, they have been avail. for quite some time.
I know if two that were bought off the shelves by skeet shooters back in Aug. '05, and there ar a dozen out there on gun broker and other auction boards right now.

Mustang Gregg:
Thanks, Hedley!
Yup, I actually saw a couple back in early 2005. At a gunshow, no less!   :o
But every time we tried to find one recently, they were out.


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