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Modern-ish Marlin 32-20 and 44-40 with bp?

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Marlin did some relatively modern .32-20 and .44-40 rifles, I think they are called "Cowboy Limited". I believe most had micro groove rifling but I heard some did have Ballard rifling. Is that true? Would they be marked Ballard anywhere? I assume the micro groove would not be ideal for black powder, would the Ballard work well with bp?

Buckaroo Lou:
According to the Blue book of gun values:

There was a Model 1894CL carbine in 32-20 full magazine tube with barrel band and with a button rifled barrel manufactured 2005-2007.

A model 1894CL with a 22" barrel and a 2/3rds magazine tube in 32-20 manufactured 1988-1994. Barrel rifling unspecified.

A model 1894 Cowboy and CowboyII in 44-40 manufactured 1997-1999. Barrel rifling unspecified.
There was a 1894 Cowboy Competition model in 38 spec. or 45 LC with the deep cut Ballard rifling, manufactured 2002-2005.

There was a 1894 Century Limited in 44-40 only, manufactured in 1994 only. Barrel rifling unspecified.

I use to own a Century Limited in 44-40 but never fired it. Beautiful rifle, but eventually sold it. I am certain it was not a micro groove barrel. I think maybe button rifled.

Silver Creek Slim:
I used to shoot a 1894 Marlin in .45 Colt with micro-groove barrel with BP. I used the Big Lube bullet with lots of bullet lube. Accuracy was good.


I don't recall calibers, but have heard others in the past mention micro-groove barrels working okay with BP. 

I had an 1894s .45 Colt with Micro Groove rifling. (1989)  Shot BP just fine.  Any Marlin with "Cowboy" in its designation had the button rifled "Ballard" rifling.  Sometime in the 90s Marlin dropped the micro groove barrels.



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