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Uberti 1873 toggle action and magnum loads

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Hi Fellas !

I asked this same question 12 years ago: Can the Uberti 1873 action safely digest full house .357mag loads? The consensus was that if used sparingly, chances are the linkage will stand up to the pressures without taking harm, however, better to shoot reduced pressure loads or simply .38spl for those who do not handload. But that was then and this is now. 12 years later one can read many reports of vastly improved quality and workmanship at Uberti, putting out stronger and better firearms. Recently they even introduced 1873 carbines in .44 magnum !? So, I figure they must know what they are doing, introducing 1873s in such a powerful caliber and probably they are using improved and better steels - or strengthened the actions somehow?

Does anyone have any thoughts or first hand experience with this?

Stay safe and healthy !



I'm not a consensus, nor have I slept in a Holliday Inn Express (That I admit) but I was a practicing Gunplumber back then and now retired.  In my Opine, the Uberti 1873, chambered in 357 has ALWAYS been capable of running SAAMI level 357 Magnum.

There are gobs of Old Wives Tails about the fragility of Toggle Link rifles.  Hogwash.  there is no reason to restrict a 357 1873 to "38 Special."

Stay Well out There

As usual, you are probably right. For my part, I handload my empty .357 cases with 6 grains of Vihtavuori N340 behind 158gr bullets. Seems a compromise somewhere between .38Spl and .357 performance. :)

Severo Gallegos:
What about 357 factory ammo with CIP standard, is it safe to fire those in a Miroku 1873? I've noticed that both Fiocchi and S&B 158 grains do have slightly higher listed muzzle velocity compared to remington and winchesters factory loads.

David Battersby:
The only problem that I could imagine is cases with lubricant on them.   Full pressure loads will expand the case into the chamber walls sealing the bore with possibly less bolt thrust than a light load in the same brass. A full power 357 magnum load in an oily case may not grip the chamber as well and increase the bolt thrust substantially.  NOW , this is my thought on the subject. If I am wrong my feelings won't be hurt if I am corrected.



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