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Colt Acquired by CZ

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ira scott:
Saw this on Facebook a moment ago,  checked on Al Gore's interweb,  true?


Maybe good for both companies,  I guess time will tell.  But still in my mind kind of sad, Colt, an American Icon!


Major 2:
I have thought this coming for a long time, even speculated/hoped  it would be Beretta to acquire Colt.

Much like S&W, Winchester, Remington, Marlin & H&R the iconic old brands fell on hard times and were dealt away.



It's really a shame, but for many years, Colt survived on their military business.  SAA handguns are and were a losing proposition.  The customer base is/was continuously shrinking and the imports, built to a better price point eroded Colt sales. 

After the end of the lucrative military business, it was only a matter of time.  Sad.  But from a business standpoint, unavoidable.  It will be interesting to see what CZ does going forward.

Stay Safe Out There

The Pathfinder:
I would imagine, if the SAA stays available at all, that it will become a Custom Shop item only along with their unimaginable pricing. :(

Bound to happen when you're trying to live off of just a recognized brand with nothing new to the market except expensive versions of guns that can be bought cheaper and better quality.



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