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Rifle Recommendation in 45LC

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Another vote for the Marlin.  Handsome, rugged, dependable, accurate with BP and Plus P loadings, and of all the rifle listed, by far the easiest to clean, and from the breech like all the best designs.  The late Remlins (after 2015) are nice rifles as well.  Sure be interesting to see what Ruger does with them. 

In the .45, avoid Starline brass unless you have an annealer. 

Ranch 13:
It will be interesting to see what this next generation of Marlins are like.


 :)  Ira . . . et ALL  ;)

I too/also have never understood the NCOWS prohibition of the Miroku replica '73.  Sure, the lever throw is a tad ('nother technical term) shorter than an "Original" '73, the rifle isn't actually "Short Stroked."  It's just the geometry found most effective by the engineers at Miroku.  Much nicer "out of the box" than a Uberti. 

I built competition rifles for 20+ years and the only advantage the Uberti offering has is the mountain of available "Speed" parts.  Had the Miroku been available at the time the Uberti was, I have no doubt there would have been a pile of speed parts for it as well.

I too await the next iteration of Marlins will be like.  Marlin can be fine rifles indeed.  It's a shame what happened to their quite over the last 10 or so years.  Cross our fingers.

Cliff Fendley:

--- Quote from: Ranch 13 on February 14, 2021, 11:48:12 AM --- Seems like a bit of silliness from what ever an ncows is, but I don't recall the question being anything other than a recommendation on a 45 colt rifle..
 Something if you really want to get historically correct about, a 45 colt chambered rifle never happened as a mass produced item until the 1980's...

--- End quote ---

Not silly at all if you understand the reasoning. If you allow a gun with a factory shorter stroke just because it says Winchester on it you open up a whole big can of worms. Would have to allow the Beretta Renegade. Why because they are factory instead of aftermarket installed by a user or gunsmith? We already have all kinds of alterations available from the various importers of "guns that never were" and if you don't draw the line pretty darn clear in the sand you wind up ruining the whole intention of the discipline which is to provide a shooting experience closely mimicking what people would have experienced in the real cowboy era. The recoil and shooting experience between 45 colt and 44-40 isn't going to be noticable. and the recoil between 38 special and 32-20 isn't either. You have to allow what people can get factory ammo for and reload comfortable to have the discipline at all so your comment about caliber has no bearing on the reasoning for not allowing the short stroked Miroku 1873.

As a perfect example look at the apparent crap show that went on with PRS last fall. PRS with the factory rifle category where they had just the price point of 2500 dollar limit on a factory rifle. All of a sudden now GAP and MPA offer a precision custom rifle at a price of 2499 that will shoot side by side with any 5 or 6 thousand dollar custom built rifle. While it worked out great allowing people to get essentially custom rifle for a great price it completely makes a mockery out of the production rifle class. They might as well not even have the category now.

Know what you are talking about before talking down on something and what the user plans to do with the rifle has a bearing on the recommendation.

Major 2:
Anybody else notice the OP
JGard2010 has just two posts Feb 10 and Feb 11 ( this poll )

and after 37 replies of semantics and or terminology  , NCOWS approved/unapproved, suggest optional calibers, manufactures versions & merits  , mention of a Clothing supplier , short strokes Etc.
all in 4 short days in February.....

My question(s)   where did he go and what did he choose  ???  , my guess   since he has NOT been active since February 14. this poll and entire thread went unheeded ....



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