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Any Iowa RATS or Dirty RATS out there?


Bristow Kid:
Looking for pards that are RATS or Dirty Rats in Iowa.  I am new and would like to watch a shoot and possibly shoot with someone I know the first time.  Plus would like to know where more places to shoot are.  I know most the ones close to me Like Ackley Palmer Creek and Turkeyfoot.

Mustang Gregg:
I know it's a fur-piece from ya----but we shoot at Butt's Butte every 1st Sunday. 
That's south of Glenwwod, IA.  It is a regular SASS match put on by Col J. Fighters.  An' a load of FUN STAGES.
Lookin' fer DIRTY RATS?  Well, I shoot BPGF there sometimes.  A few others shoot BP there too.

PM me & I'll getcha Col J. Fighters' contact info.

Surly Bob:
I'm over on the West side of Iowa but me and brother Ornery Orr are dirty stainless RATS now...
All my match guns shooting BP are stainless. 
Member of NCOWS Nebraska Territorial Rangers and we shoot at "Gunfire in the Hills" at Logan, IA.
Ft. Des Moines Rangers might be closer for ya.  That's near Indianola.  Hard to beat that shoot.
Glenwood is a good shoot, but again, probably too far for you. 

Let me know if you need contact info.


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