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ejection problem 94 Marlin

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Buffalo Creek Law Dog:
I have a 94 Marlin in 45 Cal.  It ejects all live ammo except the last live cartridge.  It ejects all spent casings except the last one.  When I do it in slow motion to see what is going on, I notice that the extractor pulls the bullet/empty casing back about one inch then drops it down onto the loading tray.  Any suggestions/comments will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Marshall Matt Dillon:
Extractor not holding on to the case tight? Has the tit below the extractor on bolt face been removed?

Lumpy Grits:
Flush out the extractor hole in the bolt.
Remove the extractor and check to be sure the spring hasn't broken.
Install a Ranger Point Precision extractor.

Baltimore Ed:
If you’ve never cleaned out the innerds of your Marlin bolt you’ll be surprised. Crud buildup would be my first guess also. The next round on the lifter helps push the mty out of your gun.

Buffalo Creek Law Dog:
Thanks for the info folks, I did the cleaning part, so I will try the Ranger point Extractor.

Thanks for your time.



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