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Grip types


OK I admit it - I am a bit confused over Ruger terminology.

I see Old Model frame, New Model frame, XM-3 frame and XM-3 red frame.

So the new Vaqueros have the XM-3 frame is this similar to the old frame?

What did the just now previous Vaqueros have the XM-3 red

Mustang Gregg:

We just talkin' grip frames?   ???  I recollect the XR-3 is the Single Six frame too.

You're right.  There have been a whole passel of 'em---
Don't fergit the other grip frames---Super Blackhawk, Bisley, Birdshead, etc.
But I recollect most all of 'em have the same screw placin' (common to all).

I will get the info & get back on the forum after work tonight.

Gotta fly!

Mustang Gregg

The new vaqueros have the XR3 grip which is all steel and very close to that of the Colt and replicas. The old vaqueros have the XR3- red which is a little bigger and more comfortable to some. The current blackhawks use an aluminum XR3-red but old vaqueros and super blackhawks have an all steel XR3-red.


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