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Results of 31 May 2014 Illinois Muster
« on: June 01, 2014, 11:08:43 AM »
To: General U. S. Scout
     Col. Jerry “Pitsptr“ Davenport
Headquarters Grand Army of the Frontier

Copies to:  The ladies and gentlemen of the GAF at large


I have the honor to submit my report following the first 2014 Illinois State Musters of the Grand Army of the Frontier. The Division of Illinois was reinforced from by Divisions of Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin. Again the Division of Illinois reports record numbers of troops in the field. This can be verified by the numbers of shooters in each category.

Also contributing to the continued success of the campaign was the overwhelming amount of firepower we were able to bring to the battles. The campaign was highlighted by the re-introduction of a Gatling Gun under the command of Major G. W. Strong.

This aspect cannot take away the marksmanship of our individual troopers during the campaign. The following are the results the campaign:

Results of 2014 GAF-IL Muster
31 May 2014

Milspec Repeater

First:       Bill Mayes AKA Charles Goodnight GAF #815
Second:      Brian Bauer “Dusty Tagalon” GAF #74
Third:      Chuck “Drydock” Luetkemayer GAF 19
Fourth:       Donnie “Lone Wolf” Luetkemayer GAF 800
Fifth:       Ray “Captain Wyatt” Unrine

Mil Spec Single Shot

First:       Jim l “I.M. Portly” Zinkel GAF #794
Second:   Paul “Big Grit” Gritmacker GAF #701
Third:       Glen “Border Vigilante” Wegmann
Fourth:     Doug “Major G.W. Strong” Strong GAF# 774


First:       Charles “Moose Wrangler” Strong GAF# 787
Second:   Travis Twisted T” Knaak

Staff Officer

First:         Don “M.Sgt. S.H. Long” Long GAF#700
Second:     Larry “Cane Masterson” Lisle GAF# 806

Henry Rifle

First:         John “Johnny Popper” Clint GAF #801
Second      Pat Gannon “Lt. Col. Shamrock” Gannon GAF# 447


First:         Adam “Orrin Sackett” Heinzeroth GAF #813    
Second:    Kevin “Snidely Whiplash” Goebel
Third:       Rob “T.K. Sackett” Arntzen GAF#622
Fourth:     Joseph “Cornbread Lawman” Knaak
Fifth        Dave “97” Punzel GAF # 812
Sixth         Jon “Gus” Mazur
Seventh   Pierce “Kid Lightning” Barker
Eighth:     Keith Sierra Leoni” Leoni GAF#795


Lt. Col. Pat "Shamrock" Gannon GAF# 447
Commanding, Division of Illinois


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