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RATS or PWDFR-Ruger Owners


Gold Canyon Kid:
What is the relationship between RATS and PWDFR?  Earlier I was given valuable member number 203 of RATS.  Has PWDFR made RATS OBE? Speaking of RATS, arriving back in Az for the winter, I find Pack Rats have taken residence in my yard and mice in the house.  Wife says I can't shoot any, just kill the bastar9$.  Rugers would work real well, but must keep peace in the family.

Joyce (AnnieLee):
Howdy, Gold Canyon Kid!

The RATS and PWDFR are independent groups who enjoy having Rugers in common. RATS is a public group, PWDFR is a private one. As far as I know, both groups are thriving. We had new members join the RATS yesterday.


AnnieLee, listkeeper for the RATS.

Gold Canyon Kid:
Thanks, I like RATs so I guess I will just stay public.

Hemlock Mike:
I first thought that PWDFR meant "pistols what don't fire right"  ;D
Then I found out - I shoot an RV and it's a good gun.  Too many letters for us with
too much time  >:(


Howdy Gold Canyon Kid.  As AnnieLee said, both groups are alive & well.  We are just located on each end of town now pard, lol.  RATS is a great organization & we here at PWDFR exist because of the kindness of AnnieLee invitin' us over here & the Marshal & Marshal'ette given us a home of our own.  Rugers are great six-shooters & both groups are proud owners & shooters of these fine guns.



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