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ANNOUNCEMENT - New Leadership

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Jamestown John:
Thank you Caleb for the vision and getting this going.
And thank you David for your leadership.

Jamestown John

Caleb Hobbs:
Thanks, Jamestown John.

Thanks John,

With spring-summer here, a lot of us will be heading out to various adventures and I'm sure we'll all have some tales to tell. I have done a lot of period sites but not in the period garb and I am trying to correct that.

I have compiled a list that I intend to load this week on how we can better network with one another. Also, since we are a small group, it has proven real tough to put together small events with any real turnout. Instead, we should work on having a camp at the larger events, rendezvous, etc.  In between, if a few pards plan an outing, post it on the site in case any other members happen to be "in the neighborhood".


Navy Six:
Dave, thanks for "taking the bull by the horns". The direction you propose will certainly benefit us all. As a amateur historian and SASS member I've focused on the 1870's time period but have recently been leaning a bit earlier. This entire CAS City site has been a tremendous resource for which I am greatful. It has opened up new areas of interest and renewed old ones. Best To You,   Navy Six

Thanks Navy Six, I have been really bogged down with work. Now that things are lightening up, I am starting out with a new series of articles regarding frontier life.




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