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Any Pards usin' the Ruger GOLD LABEL for CAS?


Mustang Gregg:
GOLD LABEL---WOW!!! [/b]  What a fine piece of equipment!!  ;D ;D

Jus' ponderin' if anyone out there used one for CAS. ???
They sure are beautiful shotguns!  They'd be right at home wit' them Bisley Vaq's.

Well----Maybe someday???     ::) {goin' into a daydream}   ::)

Mustang (who's pluggin' American-made weapons) Gregg

Four-Eyed Buck:
Gregg, I've heard of them for several years, but have never  seen a one. They have ejectors, but worse is the price. It's higher than the red label over and under. Not economical for our game. It's a high end gun along the lines of the old Parkers, Foxes, etc.......Buck 8) ::) :o ;)

Big Hext:

A pretty nice gun, but at the price, there are other (better IMHO) options.  We have sold two of them and have one in stock.  It does not have deluxe wood nor is the fit and finish exceptional.  At $2000.00, I expect better.

But since it's yer dream.. dream big, I like it! ;)

I cant wait for some rich feller to saw off a 2000$ gun!

Mustang Gregg:

I suppose someone will someday.   :-[
At present, I don't feel the need to saw ANY shotgun off.
'Less'n it has a bulge to be removed or split bbl, etc.

I shoot a 28" Stevens M-311D & a Brownin' BSS that is 'bout the same length.
Reckon I like them longer shotguns wit' tighter chokes.  They are loads more fun on the KD's & spinners!!!    ;D ;D



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