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Took a major step towards getting back into the CAS game this weekend - had enough other types of guns to get myself two new old-style Vaqueros.  I figured with the introduction of the "new" Vaquero, I had better act fast to get myself a brace of the originals.  Actually found a shop with a couple in stock that matched pretty well, except for barrel length.  So, now I can truthfully say I use some damn fine Rugers.


Joyce (AnnieLee):
Congratulations, Ciego!

Glad to hear you gave a pair of Rugers a fine home!



Marshal Halloway:

Welcome back into the game, my friend!

Yep, the old Rugers new out of the box is soon to be history, so good for you!

There are still a few options left out there of the "Old Vaquero" and a waiting list for the New.

Silver Creek Slim:
That's great, pard.



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