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My first Colt

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Nash Villain:
Last year I bought my first Colt. It is a Colt Peacemaker Buntline 7.5" barrel, b/cch .22lr with extra .22mag cylinder. I bought it new unfired/unturned (zip tie still attached around hammer) and was told by dealer it was 1979ish from serial number. It came in a cream colored styrofoam box and had some paperwork. I called Colt and they sent me n/c the owners manuel for it. Can anyone shed some light on this gun for me. I would like to hear it all, the good, bad and ugly.  Thanks NV.

Forty Rod:
All of those Colt .22 / .22 mag sixguns were great.  Never had a Buntline, but I had several others. 

Biggest problem I ever had was having enough money to keep them.  Sold them off to feed the kids, etc.  When I finally got to where I could afford them they were out of production and collectible, and I couldn't afford them...again.

St. George:
I had owned a Ruger Super Single Six, back when Colt first introduced the little 'Peacemaker' - complete with adjustable sights and all.

I gave that up along with a $20 bill, and got the very first one sold in my town - a 4 3/4" barrelled one with the dual cylinders and fixed sights.

Out-shot that Ruger hands-down.

Still own it - still shoot it - still have the box and papers and a Bianchi holster for it..

Absolutely great gun!



Scouts out!

Tascosa Joe:
My first one went the way of 4T Rod's.  I picked one up at a gunshow in 97 for $200, it is nice.

Silent Joe:
I've one in .22 lr only. It is a great gun for practise.



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