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Today is annual range: Indiv Weapons Qual. (Alas...no Rugers!)


Mustang Gregg:
So we gotta shoot M-9's(Italian), M-16A2's(FN Belgium) & M-249's(also FN).  What a deal!!!! 
The whole bunch is foreign-made.
Hell, I figgered the US military outta have some USA-built small arms.

Oh, well.  Tomorrow I will up to my butt in Rugers again shootin' SASS Gunfighter at Louisville. ;D ;D ;D

Mustang Gregg

Mustang Gregg:
Indiv weapons Qual went well.  90+ degrees & 10Kt wind...Good shootin' WX!
Got Expert in pistol (up to 35yd knockdowns) with an "assault walk" stage.  40X40.
Got Expert in rifle (just the alternate 25M simulated distance course on paper).  40X40.
Didn't get a chance to fire the SAW today.  But we did use the EST 2000 system.  That thing is a hoot!

Mustang Gregg

Baron von Haltomstadt:
I took my pair of .45 Colt, 4-3/4", SS Vaqueros (original style), with black Micarta birds head grips with me to our annual firearms proficiency course. I first shot 100% with patrol rifle (Mini 14 bullpup), 100% with 12 ga, and 98% with my Glock (off my usual pace<g>). I then followed with a perfect 100% with my Vaqueros. The range officer signed off on the qualification. The possibilities are now running rampant (no, that's the Colt logo), I mean the possibilities have my imagination working overtime............



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