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Newby SASS Pard wants to be a RATS Posse member


Mustang Gregg:
My Pa's neighbor (Mustang Gary, tentatively) has been buyin' CAS guns & comin' over to our range practicin' on the steel dingers.

I tol' him 'bout the RATS posse.  So he wants to get a number assigned. 
His MUSTANG GARY alias may change, though.  Dunno if'n SASS has that'n available, yet.

Gotta like this guy.  For many moons, he has been shootin' various Rugers & also restorin' some '69 & '70 Mustang Mach1's.
I been knowed to do both of them endeavors, too.

So please allow "MUSTANG GARY" into our clan of RATS.

Mustang Gregg

Joyce (AnnieLee):
He's in and added to the list. I also posted about it in "All Ye Shooters..."

Welcome Mustang Gary!



Charlie Montana # 16369 Life:
I would like to be a RAT!

Joyce (AnnieLee):

--- Quote from: Charlie Montana # 16369 Life on September 01, 2005, 09:30:37 PM ---I would like to be a RAT!

--- End quote ---

You are one, Charlie! Your name's been added to the list. I've been working some odd and crazy hours this week, but was able to get to it tonight.




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