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Lt Henry C. Nave:
Decided last week to purty up my 44 Bisley Vaquero.  Standard blued, the chemical case harding applied at factory has been damaged by one of my cleaning method, won't use that again.  The casehardin looks like that new "old" antique finish.  Anyhow I called Western and Wildlife Wonders and got to talk with the foreman.  Ordered a set of his John Wayne dark yellow stag grips.  Don't care for the brown inlays and I ask Don to darken them up for me.  He said that would be no problem but that would considered  kinda special order and it might take few weeks.  Tain't no problem I can wait.  Mail came two days ago and there was a package but as I had ordered a Mernickle SOB holster for my wife to carry her Bearcat I let her open the package.  She opened the package and ask me ifin the grips were for her.  Trying to supress my grin of delight I told her, unfortunately NO.  Time from order till shipping 7 days.  Partner, that is service!!  Don Holman SASS 34829 will hear from this  ;D customer again                                                                    P.S.   Any ideas on the case harding?  I picked up a bottle of Plum Brown barrell finishing.                           


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