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Perfect birthday gift for Dad: Sequential pair of K-Vaqueros

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Mustang Gregg:
Ruger-Lovin' Pards:

I'm ponderin' on orderin' a consecutive pair of K-Vaqueros in .44 for Pa for his birthday.  ??? They's still some to be had.
He's been awful damned good to me for the last 49 years.  I reckon he deserves a new set of six-guns for CAS.
He never has (or ever will) worn out his ol' Super Blackhawks.   ;D ;D
But if he has a pair of fixed-sight Vaqueros, he can start shootin' another category.
Like Duelist or GF! 
Yup, that ol' Marine deserves a new pair of 'shooters.

Mustang Gregg

PS:  His SASS alias is Commissioner Gordon.  Wonder if he ever joined the RATS posse(?).

Silver Creek Slim:
Or FCD.  ;D


Mustang Gregg:
SC Slim,
Ya lost me, Pard.

Silver Creek Slim:

--- Quote from: Mustang Gregg on June 28, 2005, 07:48:28 AM ---SC Slim,
Ya lost me, Pard.

--- End quote ---
Frontier Cartridge Duelist.


Joyce (AnnieLee):
Commisioner Gordon is RATS #129!

Dang, a whole family of RATS.





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