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Superb Example FSS


Fox Creek Kid:
This is as it should be. What a great example of an early FSS with great leather & factory letter!! This is just a great example of a REAL olĀ“ West hogleg!!


Harley Starr:
Words fail me.  :-X

St. George:
When I first started collecting - a revolver in this shape would've sat on the table for show after show, because of its condition.

That was back when 'patina' meant 'rust' - and today, there are so few examples coming up for sale that folks will pay exorbitant prices for them.

Back then - I remember a cased Model 1851 Navy Colt - with all accessories - priced at $125.

It took a couple of years before it left that dealer in a trade - and that was during the Centennial of the Civil War, when all manner of stuff came out of America's closets...

Times changed - available references got better and more numerous, as did photography - and folks started to want provenance if they were going to be asked high prices.

Today - we have a far, far better-educated collector who 'will' pay serious money for good, verifiable guns, so there's still fakery - but not quite as much - and dealers are far more forthcoming with information.

Didn't use to be that way...


Scouts Out!

Old Doc:
At that price, could be one of the few guns on GunsInternational that hasn't already sold.


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