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Adirondack Jack:
Since my Baptism into the smokey stuff, I have had a burden hanging over me that I was tryin' not to think about.

I had around 900 rounds of smokeless warthog ammo loaded and it really bothers me, because A), I need the brass, and B), I don't wanna be tempted to backslidin' into no smokeless habits.

So, starting today, I am serving pennance.  I took 100 of them smokeless warthog (250 grain .45s)loads  and my backup (7.5 inch BH) to the woods range and commenced to empty em.

The lack of smoke began to bother, so I lit me a ceegar and puffed furiously while shooting the livin bejeepers outta them paper plates.

It weren't no BP, but it'll have to do.

I got me 8 more visits to the confessional to make before I'll have all my brass back, but I'll git through it. :) :) :)

Joyce (AnnieLee):
AJ, if you were closer, I'd happily take those rounds off your hands and return empty and cleaned cases. Dunno how I'd do with those light loads of yours, might have to send them through paper plates myself!



Adirondack Jack:
Yeah, they are a bit on the modest side.  Only a 250 at just shy of 800 fps out of the long snout Rooger.

I did get a chance to work on speedin up my strings though.  After a while I got so's I couyld crank em a bit faster than I normally do.  So, I guess there will be some gain for the penance :)


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