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Hey AnnieLee, Is there an official Dirty Rats logo?


Adirondack Jack:
I got me a 'warthog" logo and a SBSS logo on the pistol box for the gun cart.

Seein' as next week is our NYS shoot "Heluva Rukus", I'd like to be able to make me up a sticky"Dirty Rats" logo to plaster on the cart  if'n there was one.

Soooo, what we got?

Joyce (AnnieLee):
Howdy, AJ!

I've been talking to Mustang Gregg about that. The RATS are going to remain free with no badges, but a logo might be nice. He suggested we start with the pic found here:


We could always dirty it up for the DIRTY RATS.


Adirondack Jack:
I kinda like him as he is.  Sorta looks lost in the smoke!

Not official or nothin, but made me up a little sticker for the ammo box

I'll state again that I like the little feller!  ;D ;D

Mustang Gregg:
Looks great! ;D ;D ;D
Maybe I oughta get Will's RAT scrimshawed on some Ivorex grips! ;D




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