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Dorado Slim:
Well I shoot a Bisley too along with my other Vaqueros so I guess I could be a ROB or ROBRAT or ?

You know what I get a kick out of is people pronouncing Vaquero as VA KWARE OE :D

Mustang Gregg:
I need to link to the master ROB list.
I have several folks in our gang who need to sign up.
Where is it?

Mustang (K-BV) Gregg

Annie, My pair of Vaqueros are Bisley's so I guess I'm in!   Gee My list is just getting longer and longer.

Joyce (AnnieLee):
I'll see if I can't rustle up Deadringer. He takes care of ROB. At the latest, I should see him in person on the third Saturday.



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