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Leading Problem in Vaquero .45Colt


I am getting leading around the edge of the forcing cone and in the first inch of the barrel.
What would be causing this.
I have only fired 50 rd.
My Load:
New Starline Brass
200gr. Bear Creek .452, Moly coated,  hardness 13
7.5 and 8.0 gr. Unique
OCL 1.585
Win. Primer

My Bore is .451
My Throats are .451

What do I need to change

El Paso Pete:
I had the same problem in my .44 mag Vaquero using moly coated bullets.  I was spending all much as much time with my Lewis Lead Remover as I was shootin.  I switched over to cast bullets with real lube grooves and lube and the problem when away.  If your shooting a .45 you might want to get some of these a feller got up on Ebay or get some Black Dawg bullets.  They're for black powder but work fine with smokeless too. 


Another thing you could try if ya want to see if the moly coated bullets are the problem, is put a glob of Crisco on each bullet before you load it the cylinder.


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