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El Paso Pete:
Has anyone tried this?   Looks to me like it might just work.  http://www.rugerforum.com/ubb/Forum12/HTML/000948.html

El Paso Pete:
It works, :o I did my Rugers last night.  I did not do it exactly the pictures show but more like a 3/64 X 45 deg chamfer across the top of the hand.  Don't take off to much, just take a little at a time until it spins freely.  Didn't even take the gun apart.  I got one of the 400,000 rpm air demmel type tools and used a 1/16 carbide bit.  Took 5 minutes each.

Mustang Gregg:
Well, I'm gonna try it (on a Single Six first).  I'll lecha all know how it comes out.

I did this Mod on my SBH Bisley .44 Mag.
Easy to do and works great.
Sure beats spending $40.00 on a Power Customs Pawl, nothin' against PC but I like
doing my own work when I can and like savin' green backs even better.

Spitn Lead:
Will this mod also work on the new vaqueros? i looked at the pawls on the old they seem
to be the same size, didn't know since the new vaquero's have the reverse indexing pawl.
if it will i know i'll be doing today ;D



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