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So, will let me in your little club.

Payed $150 for it a week ago, placed 3rd at a Pinn Shoot on Sunday.

Mustang Gregg:

Howdy, Matt, Congrats, Pardner!   Ya done good.   ;D
Pin shootin' is a blast, ain't it?  Are ya gonna make it to any of the local April SASS or NCOWS shoots?
1st Sunday-----Glenwood
2nd Sunday-----Valparaiso & Louisville
3rd Sunday-----Grand Island
4th Sunday-----Topeka & Logan
I ferget when Hastings is.  Must be 1st Sunday?????????


Joyce (AnnieLee):
Well done, Gophergrease! Yer in at position 159! But now you have to explain what Pin shooting is!



Bowling pin shoots, you have two 4' x 8' table set at 25 feet from the fireing line. Each table is set with 5 pins. For the rimfires you set them on the back egde, centerfire auto in the middle and centerfire Rev on the frount. With 1 person shotting at each set of pins with handgun of the same class it's a race to knock your pins off the table the fastest, they must be off and on the ground to count.

Mustang Gregg:
Are you shootin' at ENGC Louisville or Lincoln Ikes?
Are there others in our area?



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