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Shot my Ruger today for the First time!

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Went down to the Range to relieve some tension, stress, and anger due to a dispute with the Land Lady at my Apartment Complex today. Oh, it felt good! So natural, like I had been shooting it forever! Talk about your "Anger Management!" LOL! YEEHAW! ALL Hail the Holy Black!

Joyce (AnnieLee):

While I am glad that you got to shoot today, I hope that you had someone with you to watch over you and help you be safe since it was your first time shooting.

Also, learning to shoot while angry isn't the best practice. Anger clouds our judgement, causing errors and mistakes. It is best to learn to shoot when one is calm and clear headed.

I am glad you made it back safely. Just curious, what targets and ammo did you use?


Oh yes. I had my Cousin with me as well as other Veteran shooters. it was a Fantastic Learning experience. My Cousin says that if she had felt that I was a Danger to me, her, or anyone else, she would NOT have taken me.
Just used the Targets that they had at the Range affixed to boards that had been shot to pieces.
I used a Combination of Black Hills Ammo Central Fire Cartridges in .45 (Only kind I had in CAS Ammo at the time), and CCL Blazer .45 Hollowpoints.

Mustang Gregg:

Glad you safely blasted some targets 'stead of that landlord.  I realize some need to be blasted. 
Had a particularlly nasty one in Denver a few years back!!  She need a boot in her ass in the worst way!!!  Screwed us outta a whole bunch of rent & a big ol' deposit, too.

Reckon I'll run into you in Tucson in a month or so.  I'll be bringin' some smoky stuff to add to the desert heat.

Danny Bear Claw:
Ain't life grand Kate?  Nothing like sniffin' some gun smoke to soothe the psychee.  Shot my matched pair of 7.5 inch stainless Vaqs just the other day.  I shot bulls-eye targets set at 20 yards with 3-D blue ammo, 250 gr. RNFPL.   Felt good... felt real good!



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