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Bullseye ejector rods

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Ornery Orr:
Do any of you have these on yer Rugers?  I'm looking at the ones made by Qualite.

Trooper Steve:
Have them of 6 guns. Work well. Takes a little fitting

Mustang Gregg:

I installed some on a Pard's pistols awhile back.  He said they were Bullseyes, but no mention of Qualite. 
He got 'em a gunshow.  No label!!
They went on with NO gunsmithin'.  That's good, I'm not a real gunsmith, although I play one at some SASS matches.

I reckon the rods on them new "li'l" Vaqueros would fit & you'd have factory parts.   :-\ :-\ :-\

I have a set of Qualite gripframes comin' soon.  We'll report back on how them fit.


Joyce (AnnieLee):
Nope, I had the crescents put on mine. Funny how those are standard on the NRVs, eh?


Mustang Gregg:
Ya reckon them crescent headed ejector rods will be SASS-allowed if installed on a Vaquero or Blackhawk?
I sure hope they would be.  I kinda like 'em. 8)
I ain't gonna hold my breath that they'd be NCOWS-approved if installed on a (older) Vaquero.

I sent ya a PM. 
But I won't be back on the forum until early am.




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