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Much obliged to Annie!

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Steel Horse Bailey:

While I mostly shoot my AWA Colt Clone or my 1875 (Uberti) Remingtons, I still have a very special Ruger Vaquero.  It started out as a Factory Limited Special Edition 3 5/8" Barrel, polished Stainless, 45 Colt with the (now popular) laser engraved white standard grip.  I then converted it with new springs, a free-spin pawl, and to top it off, a Qualite' Brass Birdhead grip with white grip panels.  During all the mods, the warning on the barrel disappeared, too. :o ::)

When I shoot BP SASS matches, the Vaquero and my AWA are first rate!

I guess that makes me a "Dirty Rat."

Joyce (AnnieLee):

So... Steel Horse Bailey shoots a Ruger some of the time, and shoots black some of the time, and posted his request here instead of up on the request thread...

I'd say that makes him a LOST Polka Dotted Half RATS!

Don't worry, Steel, you're covered and a member of the DIRTY RATS with number 153!

:D  ;D


Silver Creek Slim:
Welcome to the Dirty RATS, Steel Horse Bailey.  ;D


Steel Horse Bailey:
I know it's late, but thanks, Annie Lee!  You too, Slim!  I had lost track of this post!

Just to clear things up:  I shoot ONLY BP out of my Colt clone for NCOWS.  I tried shooting BP at one GLF&MC match through one of my Remington 1875s, but until I can buy/cast some of those BigLube (tm) boolits, I'll stick with the Colt or one of my C&B pistols.

When I get the chance to shoot SASS, I shoot mostly BP, and often thru the Ruger and Colt, but sometimes I'll take both of my '75s and shoot (shudder) smokey-less in them.


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