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Frontier Action Shooting in Saskatchewan

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Grey Beard:
Well we survived the Saskatoon Gun Show mostly unscathed but with lighter wallets, Granny, Ginger, Doc, Evil Ian, Snow Cap, Steel House Jack and my self had a great time promoting cowboy action, meeting some great new friends like Bruce and Tina from Misty gunworks and buying guns.  I found a couple more 1897 winchesters including this beautiful Black Diamond Trap. 


If I'm not careful people will think I'm partial to 97's.   Now I guess I have to travel out to Alberta where I hear they have some cowboy clay side matches and one of the others will want to test the pair of vaquero's that rumor has it were tuned by Bob Mundon. All in all everybody came home with something new, well maybe several things that where new.  All in all the only better way to spend a weekend is at a match.

Doc has our website back up and running so for any one interested in our shoot schedule you can find it at hope to see some of our new friends there.     

Whoop-up Roy:
Can anyone confirm that this is a two day shoot.  If it is a two day shoot will anyone be staying at the range on Friday night? If so would you please contact me

Grey Beard:
Hi Brad it's a 2 day shoot, we're meeting this Tuesday to start sorting out the details and one of us will get back to you as soon as we have the agenda figured out.
Grey Beard

Whoop-up Roy:
Good, Mona and I were thinking about bringing the truck and trailer and setting up at the range if someone was going to be there and the weather co-operates.  That's why I was wondering if anyone was going to be at the range on the Friday night.

Grey Beard:
Hi Brad we haven't gotten all the details finalized yet but we will be shooting Saturday and Sunday with a supper and social in the club house at the range Saturday and Lunch on Sunday.  There is plenty of dry camping available at the range and in all likely hood we will be around the range getting setup some time Friday aftenoon and early evening.  I'm not sure if any of our group will be staying out there for the night but as long as we know for sure your going to be there we will make sure that the gate is open for you when you arrive.     



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