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NCOWS / Re: win $100
« Last post by Trap on Today at 12:37:12 PM »
  I'll bet River City especially liked it.   ::)
NCOWS / Re: kvc buffalo shoot
« Last post by Trap on Today at 12:34:48 PM »
  This years buff shoot will be Oct. 21-23 at the same location as last year. All particulars are also the same, so go to post # 11 on this thread to find out if you haven't been here before. The only thing I need to add is to let Duck Creek Dave know if you want to eat at the wagon. I will post more on that later.     jt
Tall Tales / Re: Its' September! just 16 more Sundays to Christmas
« Last post by Delmonico on Today at 12:28:47 PM »
Evening all.

Warm one in the Missoula valley today, mid 70s. I spent my morning testing and retesting my latest invention. Unfortunately it’s nothing new, but it might be something the yuppies will buy (to use Del’s coined phrase), and I’m always happy to take money. ::) If you’re wondering, it’s a wax product.

Y’all keep dry and warm out there.


If it makes a good black powder lube you can sell it to black powder shooters.   

I have been so busy I didn't know about the hurricane till yesterday someone mentioned it in my cast iron coffee chat group.   
we have several members in the bullseye. 

I am working to do some serious editing and to start putting documents on dutch oven cooking on Etsy,  Been doing some research, seems to be a nitch nobody is taking advantage of, anyone of my recipes are actually a bit more, I tell people they are geare3d to living history people and they then think the information is awesome. 
facebook has an an interesting feature, A group you administrate you can get a number for the people that opened it if it has a more thing that you hit to read a longer post or to look at pictures, either more than show or to enlarge.  I have a public group that actually only has 2 members me and my FB Jail account, but anyone can read it and anyone can share it, you just can't post, that means no spammers and posts stay where I put them.  New ones at the top then every couple months I bump stuff around to where I want the in the same area as others of their kind, this way I can direct link them on FB and no scary links. 

I've been using that to gage things and the time has come.  I slightly edited what I am surprised anyone would pay attention to Mac and Cheese, a backed one, A bit harder than microwave, didn't think any one would not know, but by actually making it as a clean slate and deleting the original , the counter started over and I shared it in 5 groups, a shared post take the count back to my original post in my  group, the first 6 hours got me around a 1000 hits per hour, then as it went down it slowed but stood at 11,000 this morning when I bumped it in one group because someone asked how to make it. 

I think using the word dutch oven will also help because so many think you have to have a separate recipe.  I will not us stupid names like chuckwagon macaroni because that crap drives me nuts, just one reason I won't waste my time with watching that guy from Oklahoma and his wagon.   The other is some of his information is very wrong, either he has to follow the script or he don't know how to season and clean dutch ovens.  That's a better subject for cooking groups.  ;D 

Like the Kid, my target is Yuppie's who want a download for their fruit phone to take glamping and use their Kingsford and fancy table. ;D
Tall Tales / Re: Its' September! just 16 more Sundays to Christmas
« Last post by Johnny McCrae on Today at 10:33:44 AM »
Major, many thanks for your kind thoughts. We both tested positive again this morning. Just down to a very mild sore throat and intermittent cough. Honey in water helps.

We take this one seriously and are taking precautions.
Shotguns / Re: Barrel work?
« Last post by Abilene on Today at 10:30:06 AM »
The link was slow to load, but worked for me.
Shotguns / Re: Barrel work?
« Last post by Dave T on Today at 10:18:23 AM »
Drydock, you link to Double Gun Preservation doesn't work for me.  (sad face goes here)

Tall Tales / Re: Its' September! just 16 more Sundays to Christmas
« Last post by DeaconKC on Today at 08:54:36 AM »
Praying for all of you in the path of the storm. Use good sense and stay safe.
57 here today, supposed to hit 82. Goal for today is to tumble all my brass from CAC and load my primer tubes. Raising my coffee cup to y'all.
Tall Tales / Re: Its' September! just 16 more Sundays to Christmas
« Last post by Major 2 on Today at 07:20:25 AM »
NOT GOOD not good, conditions turn for the worst...
Ian now as a CAT 3 on shore somewhere below Tampa, that puts Johnny McCrae - John Saffran and his wife
right in the thick of it, as they recover from Covid.
Please take an extra few moment and have good thoughts and prayers for them and all on west coast. 

l also will be looking at both barrels, as it travels up and then stalls over my area  :(
I went to bed last night thinking hoping the track was west of Central Florida.
But as I well know never speculate, expect the worst hope for the best.  ::)
the next 3 days will be unknown, but hellishly bad.

GOOD luck to all, see you on the back slide... :)  over and out !
The Winchester Model 1876 / Re: .348 to 50 95 ?
« Last post by greyhawk on Yesterday at 09:05:18 PM »
Yep, I went to 50 alaskan. Easy to find and not much modification.

good move less foolin around = more shootin !!!
Primers - Large Rifle or Large Rifle Magnum for 1876 cartridges?
I'm asking this question as I am pretty well set up for Large Rifle Magnum primers but I don't have very many Large Rifle primers.
Thoughts?  My loads are black powder

standard Large Rifle are plenty good enough for blackpowder but if you have plenty of the magnums ? may as well use them - you wont break anything. If accuracy holds up its all good.
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