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Title: Division of Indiana Muster Report April 17,2021
Post by: DEL56 on April 19, 2021, 09:19:10 AM
Hey Everyone,

I had a wonderful time at the GAF Muster April 17,2021 as I am sure you did also. The Skirmishes were challenging, yet fun. It seemed like everyone had a good time even though we had a little rain to start off with. Except for Rex Young breaking his rifle, things went on without a hitch. I am glad that Chuck Luetkemeyer, Sgt Drydock, was able to find his way through the Morgan County construction fiasco and shoot with us. He was a big help in getting us going and also showing us that even the “Pros” can be challenged. Sorry Chuck!

I really enjoyed hosting Chuck at the house and was able to pick his brain on many thing that will prove helpful our future GAF Musters. He has some great stories he shared with me and i enjoyed them all. Love making new friends! Before leaving the house this morning, Chruch said he plans to come back to shoot with us again in April 2022 if we do aMuster then.I texted him a while ago and he has arrived home safely. Thanks again for coming to shoot with us Chuck!

Skirmish #1 began with us sitting in the Mess Hall and being attacked. We went to the front of the building shooting  pistol targets out the front. Then we exited the side of the Mess Hall and engaged one more pistol target hiding in the fork of two trees. Then we retrieved our rifle to engage 5 targets on our way to the Barracks, double tapping each one.Upon arriving inside the barracks we engaged one last rifle target double tapping it.

Skirmish #2 began with us at a well. With the rifle at  port arms we engaged two rifle targets by double tapping them. We laid the rifle down on the well and slung our canteen over the shoulder, picked up our rifle again and headed towards a wounded friend who wanted a drink. On our way up the path we engaged 4 more rifle targets with one of them being very crafty hiding way up the ravine. The last engagement was to proceed past our wounded friend near the building and double tap two pistol targets up a small ravine. We then proceeded to the creek edge and shoot a pig for something to eat later.

Skirmish #3 began with us engaging  2 pistol targets across the creek single tapping each. Then we grabbed a bag of cannon powder from the caisson and carried it to the canon. Dropping the powder we then retrieved our rifle and engaged two targets by double taping them. This was repeated two more times. (I think I heard the word POWDER a million times.)

We had 3 categories of shooters with their total time for the 3 Skirmishes;


1.   Chuck Luetkemeyer   458.64
2.    Dewayne Liebrandt   515.52
3.    Duane But         602.91t
4.   Mike Fellows      947.53

Single Shots

1.   Dart Liebrandt      579.87
2.   Rex Young              870.64
3.   Rob Swartz      1094.46
4.   Tod Lane         1202.03


1.    John Sharp      554.17
2.    Larry Gardner      748.72

The Precision Pistol Match

1. Dart Liebrandt
2. Michael Fellows
3. Rex Young

So the Muster Champion is decided by the person who won their Category and also was the highest scorer in the Precision Pistol Match. So our first Muster Champion is:

Dart Liebrandt with 1st place in his category and also 1st in the Precision Pistol Match.

Congratulations Dart Liebrandt!

Finally as a reminder, our next scheduled Musters will be on June 19, and August 21. Bring some more friends if you can.

Thanks again to everyone who attended the Muster and looking forward to shooting with you all in two months.

Take care and God bless!

One in Christ,
Dewayne Liebrandt
Title: Re: Division of Indiana Muster Report April 17,2021
Post by: Galen on April 19, 2021, 09:34:02 AM
Post some photographs please....
Title: Re: Division of Indiana Muster Report April 17,2021
Post by: Drydock on April 19, 2021, 01:18:24 PM
TO: Brigade Staff, GAF

Regards Div. Indiana Muster.

See report as submitted by Mr Leibrant.  Had a fine time.  Great facility, fun folks to shoot with, fine attitudes all around.  Highly reccommended.  They have an enthusiastic core of recruits that bodes well for the future.  Aside: I have never seen so many 1899 Smith & Wessons in one place! 

I made sure to demonstrate that it was possible to comepletely screw up a skirmish run and still enjoy oneself.  This appeared to be greatly appreciated. 

Hopefully the hiway work will be completed by this time next year!  But I will be back, this will now be on my regular season GAF schedule.   Might go back this year if the schedule aligns.

Film and still photographs were taken, I hope to see them posted soon.

Reccomend a Brevet Commission for Dewayne Liebrandt.  We can always use another Marine.

                                                              Col. Donald Luetkemeyer,  Executive officer GAF.
Title: Re: Division of Indiana Muster Report April 17,2021
Post by: DEL56 on April 19, 2021, 04:00:35 PM
Post some photographs please....

I was running the Muster and did not have any opportunity to take but one picture. Thanks to Drydock though I do have two videos. I don't know how to attach them on here. I tried using the "Attachments and other options" thing but it will not let me choose the file. Also do not know how to post the two videos I have either. HELP!
Title: Re: Division of Indiana Muster Report April 17,2021
Post by: Drydock on April 19, 2021, 04:17:00 PM
PM Silver Creek Slim,  He can probably help set you up.
Title: Re: Division of Indiana Muster Report April 17,2021
Post by: Whitehorse Lane on April 26, 2021, 03:28:45 PM
This was great fun, looking forward to more !