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Title: Results of the August 2014 Illinois Muster
Post by: G.W. Strong on September 01, 2014, 07:36:53 PM
To: General U. S. Scout
     Col. Jerry “Pitsptr“ Davenport
Headquarters Grand Army of the Frontier

Copies to:  The ladies and gentlemen of the GAF at large

I have the honor to submit my report following the second 2014 Illinois State Muster of the Grand Army of the Frontier. The division of Illinois held a local ceremony to commemorate the change in command and to honor the hard work and dedication of Lt. Colonel Shamrock. The following proclamation was read to the troops assembled.

Attention to Orders!

Be it hereby known that (Bvt) LTCol Shamrock be retired from command of the Division of Illinois, Department of Missouri, Grand Army of the Frontier.  During LtCol Shamrock’s tour of command he was instrumental in bringing GAF musters to Illinois.  Specifically to the cowboy action clubs, personally enlisting 26 troopers to the GAF, and insuring that all who participated had a time to remember.

It is with great pleasure that we honor LtCol Shamrock with this ceremony.  LtCol Shamrock will assume the permanent grade of Lt Col Chief of Scouts, Division of Illinois, GAF until such time that he renders his service to the GAF completed.  LtCol Shamrock can take great pride in his accomplishments which reflect credit upon himself and The Grand Army of the Frontier.

Dated this day of 31 August 2014.

cc: Gen U.S. Scout, Commander, Grand Army of the Frontier
     (Bvt) Col. Pitspitr, Commander, Department of Missouri, GAF

Upon the completion of this ceremony the Division of Illinois was besieged by forces unknown. I am pleased to report they successfully defended the wilds of Winnebago county from these invaders. The division of Illinois was reinforced in strength with soldiers from  the division of Wisconsin.

This defense required all present to man the gatling gun to provide covering fire while the troops headed to Fort Sackett. After the ammo of the Gatling Gun was exhausted the troops divided into two squads and worked together to provide simultaneous volley fire at the enemy. Just before reaching the fort, the enemy were thick on the ground and soldiers and scouts alike were faced with a target rich environment which required them to use both rifle and pistol to complete their journey to the fort. Upon gaining the fort all soldiers were needed to man the walls and fire from each and every shooting port. In the end the enemy retreated and soldiers again faced large numbers of enemy and a wily enemy commander who was difficult to hit. Each of the troopers conducted himself with valor and honor in the campaign.

The following are the results the campaign:

Results of 2014 GAF-IL Muster
31 August, 2014

Milspec Repeater (Marksman)
First:       Bill "Charles Goodnight" Mayes GAF #815

Mil Spec Single Shot (Rifleman)
First:       Jim l “I.M. Portly” Zinkel GAF #794
Second:   Doug “Lt. Col. G.W. Strong” Strong GAF# 774

First:       Charles “Moose Wrangler” Strong GAF# 787

Staff Officer
First:        Rob “T.K. Sackett” Arntzen GAF#622

Henry Rifle
First:         John “Johnny Popper” Clint GAF #801
Second      Pat Gannon “Lt. Col. Shamrock” Gannon GAF# 447

First:        Bob "Traveling Troubleshooter" Gifford
Second:    Joseph “Cornbread Lawman” Knaak
Third:       Mike "Whiskey River Mike" Cummings GAF#814
Fourth:     Kevin “Snidely Whiplash” Goebel
Fifth:        Sean "Marshal Cummings" Cummings GAF#810
Sixth        Bill "Sergeant Pizano" Scuderi

Buffalo Scout
First:       John "Johnny McCrae: Saffran GAF#644
Second    Don “Major S.H. Long” Long GAF#700


Lt. Col. G. W Strong GAF# 774
Commanding, Division of Illinois
Title: Re: Results of the August 2014 Illinois Muster
Post by: G.W. Strong on September 01, 2014, 07:48:14 PM
Our group photo
Title: Re: Results of the August 2014 Illinois Muster
Post by: G.W. Strong on September 01, 2014, 07:56:04 PM
A slideshow of pictures from the muster by John Saffran aka Johnny McCrae.

Title: Re: Results of the August 2014 Illinois Muster
Post by: River City John on September 01, 2014, 08:05:01 PM
Very nice!