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Mike Venturino info from another site


Black River Smith:
I am not the originator of this information but I thought it belonged over here on this site also, for all of us COWBOY shooters, to know.
The following text was posted by 'Shrapnel' over on the Levergun Website.  I believe this is the same person that often posts over here, too.

Here is his text:
"Mike is gone now, Yvonne texted me he is at peace. It has been a restless couple weeks hoping and praying for medical assistance to get him back on track.

This time it just wasn’t meant to be. He left the world a better place and I can testify to his great personality and truthful writing on many subjects.

I will miss our conversations and stories…"

His post was entered on this day June 9, 2024.

Thanks, he will certainly be missed.

Sad to hear that. I followed him for many a year. :(



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