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Sharps pistol


Kent Shootwell:
I’ve looked for a VERY long time for a replica Sharps four barrel that was in good shape and a reasonable price. Got one finally and it works perfectly after a bit of cleaning and some oiling. Prefect for thouse across the table disputes that you don’t want to pull your six gun! Now where’s my deck of cards?
IMG_0594 by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr

Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Kent,

Congratulations. My experience was almost like yours. I wanted a Sharps 4 holer for years. Finally got a deal on a couple of small .22 spur trigger guard revolvers with a Sharps just like yours as part of the deal. A dealer took the two revolvers off my hands for more than I paid for all three shooters, so, my Sharps was free.

Rev. Chase

Kent Shootwell:
For those that like looking inside here’s most of the parts ready for cleaning and tiny bit of polishing. It’s one my many flaws to take things apart.  ;D  The machine is more complex than a fellow might  think.
IMG_0591 by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr


Polish?  POLISH?  You've heard of patina, right?

J/K  ;D

Major 2:
I thought I had a shot at an original.

Some wag, came into my friends FFL with this "as is" no grips ...and these other two.
He claimed he was planning to sell them.... but he left without consigning them.



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