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Cutting down hat brim

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Jeremiah Jones:
I got a good deal on a cowboy hat at the local Tractor Supply.  However, the brim is larger than I like.  The hat is nice enough I don't want to butcher it.  I am thinking of using a leather cutter and a steady hand.  ??? Any better suggestions?

Major 2:
PM Delmonico,  he was a professional western Hat shaper.

Silver Creek Slim:
BTW, how large is the brim?



Professor Marvel:
I have cut brims with both "very sharp scissors" and a sewing cutting wheel, with a template.
I highly recommend the cutting wheel and template, but you will probably need to make your own template.

hope this helps
prof mumbles

Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Jer,

It's kind of hard to imagine a hat brim that is too large.

Rev. Chase


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